Update on 13/03/2020:

Good morning,

Thank you all for your patience and understanding while we have worked to get the best and most accurate information. The team very much appreciate it.

The overseas participant we referred to in our message yesterday has now contacted us to tell us they were feverish on 8th March, got tested, and has confirmed the test result is a diagnosis of Covid-19.

Their local health authority is aware they were at the conference and has done epidemiological tracking with them. The participant has been assured by the authority that they (the authority) will reach out to those at risk of exposure. The health authority has not been in touch with us at the time of writing.

We have contacted NHS Scotland both to inform them and to seek additional advice. They have confirmed that it is the Health Authorities who will contact each other and they will contact anyone identified as at risk. They have advised us that we are not to undertake that task.

We are unable to share personally identifying information with you without consent - we can confirm the following:
They attended all 3 days of the event, travelling into the UK and leaving afterwards.
They did not display any symptoms until 2 days after the event.
They described their symptoms as mild and that they lasted 2 days. 
They do not know where they came into contact with the virus.

Please follow your local health authority guidance. If you are in the UK you can refer to these sites for the most up to date UK advice: 

We have ascertained through all the guidance we have sought that any more detailed information would breach data protection laws without providing you with any information that would change the official advice you would receive upon receipt of that information. Please do read the links we have shared or seek the information specific to your location as we have found this information both reassuring and useful. If our position changes, we will let you know.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding at such a stressful time for everyone.


Update on 12/03/2020:

We were told indirectly on 11th March that someone at the event has subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. We have not been given the person's name by the person who told us and so cannot contact them directly to confirm whether this is or isn't the case.
In the meantime we have contacted PHE and they have advised us that anyone in the UK who is showing symptoms of the virus should contact NHS 111.
Overseas participants should contact their local health authorities for guidance.
In the meantime if you would like to speak to a member of the team you can email info@servicedesign.net or call on +44 1223 900107


We know some people will have concerns about the spread of viruses, in particular Coronavirus. We will have hand sanitisers available throughout the space, and with the event venue and suppliers we have worked on a number of actions to reduce the likelihood of transference, including having high touch areas cleaned regularly throughout the day. We encourage you to make use of the sanitisers and to refer to the following link from GOV.UK for information and links to the NHS information pages.

We followed UK Government guidelines around decisions over whether to cancel the event or not.

For further advice on how to keep yourself safe, or if you have additional questions you can read the following links:

The NHS has said that good hand hygiene is the best way to limit exposure to viruses:

Please update yourself regularly as official guidance may change. We are monitoring the information available on a daily basis. We will update this information as necessary.


Last updated: 13/03/2020